Some of us worry about making the rent or mortgage or car payment. Some of us are just trying to get out from under our student loan debt.  Some of us would like a job, any job, and worry a robot might be replacing us next week.

Then there are those with really big problems…like Uber being banned in the Hamptons. On Friday 6/5/15 the town supervisor of East Hampton, NY banned Uber. All taxi drivers with rides originating in the city limits of East Hampton must have a physical address in the city. Most Uber drivers, who have been operating in the Hamptons since 2012, do not. Last summer there was a rose shortage in the Hamptons.  This year…Uberageddon!

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Seriously, though, this is a real problem. The Hamptons are quite the party scene, and DUI is common and scary for residents and visitors alike.

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