The first Republican debate last week created a new Cage Match report for us here at Newsicorn.  Donald Trump came into the debate as the frontrunner in the Republican field.  As such, he was given some hard questions by the Fox News team of Megyn Kelly, Bret Baier, and Chris Wallace.  In particular, Megyn Kelly was seen by many as bringing out the sharp knife on Donald with questions about his negative comments in the past about women.  Tempers flared all around the country as the Cage Match between Donald and Megyn continued during and after the debate and through the weekend.  And, many women came out in defense of Donald and were angry with Megyn and Fox News.

Some Trump supporters are not amused!

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Good news.  While neither Donald nor Megyn has apologized for the nastiness over the weekend, it appears they have made up and put the acrimony behind them.  Polls are showing that Donald Trump has risen further in the polls post-debate, and not everyone has cancelled their cable TV subscription to Fox News–yet.

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