It’s the morning after the first Republican Debate.  Everyone is talking about who won and who lost.  Who did well.  Who did poorly.  Well, the answer is everyone won.  Surprised?  Don’t be.  Here’s why.

First, Fox News won.  The three Fox moderators asked tough questions.  They surprised many people by being so tough on the field, particularly Trump.  Twitter went crazy with criticism for Fox.  However, Fox scored the highest ratings ever for a Republican primary debate.  Over 10 million people watched the debate.  And Fox and particularly Megyn Kelly looked tough, fair, balanced, and impartial to many despite the attacks by Trump fans.

Update:  It’s now being reported that 24 million people watched the debate last night, shattering all previous records!

The Republican Party won.  They got airtime, 5-10 minutes, for all 17 candidates.  Several candidates polling at 1% got great exposure, like Carly Fiorina, who was seen as winning the earlier debate.  Everyone last night was watching, Tweeting, and talking about the debates, and they continue to do so today.  Everyone agrees they were lively and great debates and created a lot of buzz.

And, of course, Donald Trump won.  Many feel he was attacked by Fox, but he weathered the storm.  He was center stage, and he showed he could thrive amidst his competition.  He got the most airtime of anyone.  His defenders came to his defense on Twitter.  He won the Drudge Report poll.  It seems whatever doesn’t strike him down makes him stronger.

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