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Last night was the third Republican primary debate.  It got feisty and fiery very quickly.  In previous debates there has been some tension between the moderators (e.g., Megyn Kelly) and the candidates (e.g., Donald Trump), but this time the tension went into overdrive.  Never before has the bias against the Republicans by the media been so obvious and blatant.

Instead of a Cage Match between candidates, this time the candidates were unified (thanks to a rebuke by Ted Cruz to get things started) against the absolutely awful and biased CNBC moderators.  Not only did the moderators not moderate–they interrupted, they sneered, they lied, and they were disorganized and misinformed about the facts.  CNBC was an epic fail.

Online polls showed that Rubio, Trump, and Ted Cruz were the big 3 winners in the debate last night, primarily because they looked strong, stood their ground, and called out the terrible CNBC moderators.  Chris Christie also had some memorable lines.

Ted Cruz, who scored very highly in a Frank Luntz/Fox News viewer poll, gave a nod to us here at Newsicorn when he talked about the media trying to highlight Newsicorn Cage Matches.  Thanks, Ted!

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