You heard it here first (as of early September 2015):

Donald Trump doesn’t really want the presidency. He wants his own media empire.

Specifically, he wants to start the Trump Network.

Why? Trump is a smart guy. And he’s not delusional. He knows that he can’t win in the general election. He might not even be able to get the Republican nomination. So he is going to pull out of the race. But he’s going to pull out on his own terms — and he’s going to time his withdrawal perfectly — while he is still on top. Before anyone can brand him a “loser” by any stretch of the imagination.

And then he is going to make some statements. Something along the lines of:

You know what my candidacy proved? It proved that I am in touch with what America wants to talk about. Every time I opened my mouth, the country listened. I drove record ratings for all the other networks. But guess what? I can do it better than NBC. I can do it better than CNN. And I sure as hell can do it better than Fox. So that’s why today, I’m announcing the brand new Trump Network. It’s going to be YUGE!

Mark our words…

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