This week the news media are still focused on Donald Trump, as they have been for many months.  Only one other news item can penetrate his aura–Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  This week Trump supporters and Trump haters alike may take a short break from the race for the Presidency to indulge themselves in another struggle of galactic proportions–the opening of Star Wars, Episode VII. One wonders, should the Jedi should be banned until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on?

Donald Trump has an uncanny way of capturing all of the media’s attention.  He often makes seemingly outlandish, hyperbolic statements like banning all Muslims from the USA and then slowly walks them back but without ever making an apology for his claims and proposals.  He has sucked nearly all of the air out of the Republican field’s room, which might help Hillary in the long run or might make Trump a fearsome adversary.

Some think “Darth” Trump may have Jedi or “dark side” powers that have enabled him to dominate the Republican nomination race.  But now it appears another Jedi may be rising–Ted Cruz.

What do you think?  Are Jedi mind powers at work?  Who will win this galactic presidential struggle?

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