Robot technology is progressing so rapidly that everyone is wondering which industry or job will be taken over by robots next.  Robot cars from the likes of Google and Tesla may replace human-driven cars.  Robot trucks may make truck drivers, who number in the millions around the world, obsolete.  But now perhaps even humans with unique skills may not be safe from the Robot Revolution.

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Soccer players like Lionel Messi and Cristano Ronaldo make tens of millions of dollars a year.  They are very expensive for the clubs they play for.  But what if football/soccer robots could achieve and even surpass their level of athletic prowess?  And, except for maintenance, they wouldn’t be subject to injuries or mood swings or performance slumps.  Are even elite athletes now at risk of losing their jobs?

Ronaldo L33T Skillz

Soccer robots and software are getting increasingly sophisticated.  Messi and Ronaldo had better watch their backs!

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