We get it. Not everyone wants to sit next to a little kid on an airplane. But were pregnant singer Sarah Blackwood (of the band Walk Off the Earth) and her young son unfairly ejected from an American Airlines flight? She was trying to get from San Francisco to Vancouver, BC when the incident occurred.

“When everyone was boarded, my son got very fussy,” Blackwood told ABC News. “He started to cry really loud, he was squirming in my arms and I was doing everything I could to hold onto him.”

After being reprimanded by a flight attendant, Blackwood was able to get her son to fall asleep — just as the plane began to taxi.

“But then the pilot went over the intercom and said he was turning around to go refuel, which I thought was so strange,” Blackwood said. “When we got back to the gate, a lady from the airport came inside and told me to I had to leave the plane.”

The 7-months-pregnant singer began to cry, and other passengers came to her defense, saying that it was ridiculous she was being asked to leave.

United Airlines partner SkyWest Airlines told ABC News in a statement that “Despite numerous requests, the child was not seated, as required by federal regulation to ensure passenger safety, and was repeatedly in the aisle of the aircraft before departure and during taxi.”

Blackwood disputes that claim and said her son was never in the aisle.

“I was in a window seat, 11-A, and I had my baby in my lap because he’s technically not 2 yet, so he has to sit there,” she said. “There was also a gentleman sitting next to me. My son would have literally had to crawl over that man to get to the aisle, which he wouldn’t do because he’s pretty shy.”

Back in the airport terminal, Blackwood was able to talk to a sympathetic customer service representative who helped her get on another flight without incident.

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