There is a new iPhone app in the iTunes App store called Topcard.  This app allows you to create photo “cards” and arrange them in lists (“decks”) that are “crowd-ranked” by people up- or down-voting the cards with a quick swipe like Tinder.  There are hundreds of decks in many categories on Topcard, but the most popular deck right now is a “Top-Selfie” deck with hundreds of selfies from Instagram and Tumblr and Imgur and mobile phones.  Right now Maria has the top-rated selfie, but that will change as more selfies are added to the Top-Selfie deck and more people vote on them.

Topcard has decks about all kinds of things.  Have you ever wondered which color M&M was most liked?  Well find out with Topcard.

One user described Topcard as, “It’s like Pinterest and Tinder had a Baby!

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