No one saw this coming.  No pundits predicted what we’re seeing right now.  Most are saying it’s a “summer fling” and we’ll all return to our senses after the summer.  Maybe the hot temperatures, drought, wildfires, and chlorine-resistant bugs in our swimming pools are messing with our minds.  In any event, Donald and Bernie are hot and Hillary and Jeb are not (except that Hillary is in some hot water).

Hillary’s not doing so well and is in deep with the FBI and the DOJ, but it’s lucky she was able to wipe her server clean…with a cloth.

So why is this happening?  Here are some theories making the rounds.

1) One theory making the rounds in the conspiracy circles is that Obama plans to cancel the elections in November 2016 and will just declare himself dictator for life.  It happens in a lot of other banana republics so why not here?  Next summer perhaps some nasty rioting (fomented secretly by the government) will precipitate the declaration of martial law.  It’s hard to get people to the polls during martial law so let’s just hold off on those, and Obama will keep running the show and will keep us safe.  Thus, the theory is:  who cares who gets nominated by either party–it doesn’t matter.  See Operation Jade Helm for further details.

2) Theory 2:  Bill Doesn’t Like the White House That Much Anymore and Doesn’t Want to Live There Again…

…also known as Bill doesn’t Want Hillary to Win

What most won’t admit is that the only reason anyone wanted for Hillary to become President was for Bill Clinton to be Co-President.  No one likes Hillary.  No one cares that she would be the first female President.  Many people, however, still love Bill Clinton and want him back.  However, Bill doesn’t really want to be First Gentleman–it’s kind of a downer after being the actual President.

So behind the scenes Bill, himself, is sabotaging Hillary.  What do you think?

3) A third theory is that a segment of society has just gone crazy and is supporting crazy candidates like a circus clown (Trump) and a communist/socialist (Sanders).  Many suspect that this has always been true, and there just haven’t been enough truly crazy candidates for the party nominations to support in the past.  Perot and Nader ran as third-party candidates in the past, but loyal Democrats and Republicans can now stick with their party of choice and still vote for a candidate who is wacky.

4) A fourth theory is one that suggests Sanders and Trump may actually get the nominations.  This theory says:  we are really, really sick of politicians and Washington’s “Inside the Beltway” mentality, and we will do anything to shake things up.  We’re not crazy, just really angry and want real change.  If Donald and Bernie do get the nominations, the hope is that one of them as President will indeed upset the status quo.  We’ll see…

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