According to BBC News, a woman in Chile has had a fetus inside her for half a century.

The 92-year-old woman, whose identity is being kept confidential, was recently admitted to the hospital in San Antonio, Chile after an accident. When doctors x-rayed her they, found a 4.4 pound calcified fetus taking up almost all of her abdominal cavity.

Marco Vargas Lazo, the director of the hospital called the case “extraordinarily rare.” It is a phenomenon called lithopedion which occurs when a fetus dies during pregnancy and is too large to be reabsorbed by the body. The fetus becomes calcifies on the outside as part a maternal foreign body reaction, shielding the mother’s body from the dead tissue of the fetus and preventing infection.

The woman in Chile was sent home without any further action because doctors believe it would be too risky for them to try to remove the fetus.

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