Recently, 3-year-old Australian girl named Samara was racially abused while she was dressed up as Queen Elsa from the animated film Frozen. An unidentified woman and her two daughters waiting in line at a Disney event in Melbourne told Samara she couldn’t be Queen Elsa because of the color of her skin. The woman’s young daughter also told Samara that “black is ugly.”

But when word got around what had happened to little Samara, the world opened their hearts and sent countless messages of love and support — including one from the actress who plays Elsa at Disney World in Orlando, who told Samara to “always be yourself”:

According to Australian newspaper The Courier: comedian Nick Cannon and Aboriginal rapper Adam Briggs have rallied behind Samara. Briggs, an acclaimed singer and activist cast Samara as the star of his new film clip. Briggs said Samara was a “bright, beautiful little girl who can be any princess she wants to be.”

Samara’s family was overwhelmed by the support and good wishes. The paper quotes Samara’s mother as saying:

“People needed to be accepted as humans regardless of any diversity whether that be race, disability or any other difference.”

Here’s an Australian TV news story about the incident:

Interview with Queen Samara

We surprise the 3 year-old girl & her mum who were subject to racial abuse at a Disney event #QueenSamara #TheProjectTV

Posted by The Project on Friday, June 19, 2015
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