Is 2016 the Year of Civil War?

January 18, 2016/by Editor

What Do You Get When You Put Donald Trump and Cats Together?

November 2, 2015/by Editor

Holy Hogwarts! Swagalicious Swift! It’s a Taylor Swift and Harry Potter Mashup That is Taking Over the Internet!

August 13, 2015/by Editor

Drone vs. Fisherman — Snooping vs. Privacy and Monofilament Line and Tackle. It’s On!

August 11, 2015/by Editor

Cat Baffled by Tiny Clone of Himself

August 7, 2015/by Editor

Yes, You CAN Live in a Watermelon!

August 4, 2015/by Editor

Do You Like Me? (La Batman or Lab Atman or The Labrador Crusader Saves the Day!)

August 3, 2015/by Editor

How to Get Rid of Ants? Make Them Work for a Living

August 3, 2015/by Editor

This Owl Has His Own Library Card. Do You?

August 1, 2015/by Editor

Mutant Dog Found in Bath Tub (This is NOT Photoshopped!)

July 31, 2015/by Editor

Pro Tip: Don’t Breastfeed After a Spray Tan

July 31, 2015/by Editor

BREAKING NEWS: The Galactic Empire Invades Malaysia

July 22, 2015/by Editor

Steampunk Trump Bot Ready to Continue Donald Trump’s Mission of World Domination

July 21, 2015/by Editor

Can You Spot the Malamute in This Picture?

July 20, 2015/by Editor

The Puppy Narcolepsy Epidemic: Why You Should Care

July 15, 2015/by Editor

This Ain’t Your Grandfather’s Hipster — Or Is It?

July 14, 2015/by Editor

Bike-Riding-Racoon Exposed! She Uses Training Wheels

July 13, 2015/by Editor

Is This True? Newsicorn Investigates…

July 12, 2015/by Editor

Unicorn Lair Discovered in North Korea. #Mindblown!

July 11, 2015/by Editor

This is What Happens When Sriracha is Allowed in a Toy Factory…

July 11, 2015/by Editor

Against Gay Marriage? Move to Russia

July 11, 2015/by Editor

Cat Survives Shark Attack. Doesn’t Seem Fazed At All

July 8, 2015/by Editor

Fuzzberta the Guinea Pig is a Mistress of Disguise

July 7, 2015/by Editor

Redheads Unite! Ginger Pride Movement Gaining Steam

July 5, 2015/by Editor

Cat to Owner: “I Don’t Care About Your Stupid Yoga Video”

July 4, 2015/by Editor

Women’s World Cup vs. Men’s: Can You Spot the Difference?

June 30, 2015/by Editor

What You Get When You Accidentally Type “Christ Pratt” into a Tumblr Search

June 29, 2015/by Editor

Dachsunds Have Officially Taken Over Youtube and Vine. Details Here!

June 28, 2015/by Editor

These 8 Animals Think That They Are Puppies. Yes, One of Them is a Baby Fox

June 28, 2015/by Editor

Pranked by the Terminator. How Would You React?

June 23, 2015/by Editor

We Heard the One about the Scorpion Riding a Frog, But How About a Raccoon on an Alligator?

June 21, 2015/by Editor

Could This Be The Lost After-The-Credits Scene from Guardians of the Galaxy?

June 20, 2015/by Editor

This Should Have Been Madonna’s Next Music Video

June 19, 2015/by Editor

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