The pundits originally laughed at Trump.  Then they said he would drop out.  Then they said the voters who support him were just having a Trump-Crush and would wake up and support a real politician.  But his lead in the polls is large and it has persisted.  Now the pundits are moving past denial and disbelief and shock to grudging acceptance–Trump may well win in Iowa and New Hampshire and then run the table to the Republican nomination.

So now other questions are popping up that must be considered, and top among them is:  Who would the Donald choose as His Running Mate?

Many are starting to try to read the tea leaves…

It’s early, but here is Newsicorn’s preliminary list of 12 top contenders.

1. Ted Cruz

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2. Julia Louis-Dreyfus - "Veep"
3. Jeb Bush

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4. Sarah Palin - "been there, done that"
5. Not Kim K. but Kanye West - "Why wait until 2020 or 2024?"

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6. Rudy Guliani

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7. Carly Fiorina
8. Supergirl

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9. Omarosa - "the Apprentice"

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10. Bernie Sanders
11. Ivanka Trump - "Trump's amazing daughter"

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and 12. Donald Trump - "He's YUGE! Who Needs a VP?"

Which of the 12 contenders do you think he will choose?  Or, if you have another suggestion, let us know in the comments.

Update:  There is a new radio spot for Donald Trump featuring Ivanka.  Listen to it here.

Another update:  Is Sarah Palin about to endorse Donald Trump?