Some accuse the latest generation of young parents of being lazy. Others defend the 20- and 30-something moms and dads by saying that they are just plain busy. Either way, tech companies are jumping into the parenting game big time with all kinds of apps and gadgets designed to help geeky parents take care of their offspring — usually from the other room.

A brand-new app from computer-maker Acer called DiaperPie alerts you if your kid has pooed or peed in their diapers. It works with a sensor module that you stick in any diaper. The sensor detects moisture (pee) and methane (poo). It can also detect a baby’s temperature and sleeping posture.

Another app called SleepHero lets parents who are annoyed at being woken by their kids in the middle of the night pre-record lullabies and other messages.

Oh, and then there’s the Potty Time app — which suggests eight different ways to celebrate your child’s potty training success.

Rounding out the bunch is an app called Feed Baby which uses your phone to figure out when the baby needs to suckle. Yup, there’s an app for that!

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