Is 2016 the Year of Civil War?

January 18, 2016/by Editor

Could Donald Trump Defeat the Empire? Some Think His Strategy Includes Use of Jedi Mind Tricks!

December 14, 2015/by Editor

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2015 Tonight. ‘Nuff Said!

December 8, 2015/by Editor

DYLM: Is Jimmy Fallon Partying a Little Too Much? What Do You Think?

November 1, 2015/by Editor

Morticia Addams Redux–Who Has Created Her Classic, Creepy Look?

September 21, 2015/by Editor

The Miss America 2016 Pageant Is A Class Act–See Why People Are Loving It!

September 13, 2015/by Editor

Cage Match: Donald Trump vs. Batman. Who Wins?

August 17, 2015/by Editor

Holy Hogwarts! Swagalicious Swift! It’s a Taylor Swift and Harry Potter Mashup That is Taking Over the Internet!

August 13, 2015/by Editor

Oh My, Artoo! You’re a Purse!

July 24, 2015/by Editor

BREAKING NEWS: The Galactic Empire Invades Malaysia

July 22, 2015/by Editor

Magazine to Actress: “Pose Nude or We Won’t Feature You.” Actress to Magazine: “F.U.”

July 16, 2015/by Editor

Now You Can Party With Darryl on This Walking Dead Cruise

July 3, 2015/by Editor

What You Get When You Accidentally Type “Christ Pratt” into a Tumblr Search

June 29, 2015/by Editor

This Little Girl Was Racially Bullied and Told ‘Black is Ugly.’ But What Happened Next Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity.

June 26, 2015/by Editor

Pranked by the Terminator. How Would You React?

June 23, 2015/by Editor

Duh! Melissa McCarthy Reveals the One Obvious Change She Made in Her Life That Helped Her Lose Weight (And It’s Not What You Think!)

June 16, 2015/by Editor

Pranksters Prank the Heck Out of Chris Pratt! Priceless Prank Perfection You Need to See!

June 16, 2015/by Editor

Be Delighted by These Rare Images of Audrey Hepburn

June 14, 2015/by Editor

Bad Girls vs. Good/Bad Girls? Orange is the New Black vs. US Women’s Soccer Team–Which is Your Team?

June 13, 2015/by Editor

Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard Read Aloud from Dino Erotica Novel

June 11, 2015/by Editor

First Teaser Out for “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay–Part 2.” See It Here.

June 9, 2015/by Editor

Finally a Blockbuster Movie I Can Excited About. It Doesn’t Get Better Than This!

June 5, 2015/by Editor

Watch As a Disguised Channing Tatum Punks a Test Audience for Magic Mike XXL. Can You Believe That’s Him?!!

June 3, 2015/by Editor

This Bird Does a Spot-On Impression from a Very Memorable Movie. You Won’t Believe It!

June 1, 2015/by Editor

Will “Jurassic World” Finally Be a Worthy Sequel to “Jurassic Park”? Check Out the Early Word from the PARIS PREMIERE

May 31, 2015/by Editor

What Chris Pratt Taught His 2 Year Old Took Only 30 Seconds, But It Could Change the World

May 28, 2015/by Editor

Guess Who Might Be in the Harry Potter Spin-off Series

May 27, 2015/by Editor

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