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Donald Trump is rising rapidly in the polls and is leading in some states now, ahead of even Jeb Bush and Scott Walker.  When he announced his candidacy a few weeks ago, many did not take him seriously.  But his messages and the way he presents them are resonating–at least for now–with many voters.

Here are some thoughts on how other candidates may ignore Trump at their peril.

Trump has recognized a simple fact.  Compared to him, none of the Republican candidates, even Jeb Bush, has name recognition that rivals his.  The only person in the race who does is Hillary Clinton, but Donald Trump is probably better known than all of the other Republican candidates put together.

Carly Fiorina has gotten with the program.  She recognizes Trump-Power.  What do you think of a potential Donald/Carly ticket?

All is proceeding as the Donald has foreseen…

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