What Do You Get When You Put Donald Trump and Cats Together?

November 2, 2015/by Editor

Is the Refugee Crisis in Europe about Migration & Immigration, or Is It a Slow-Motion Invasion?

November 1, 2015/by Editor

DYLM: Is Jimmy Fallon Partying a Little Too Much? What Do You Think?

November 1, 2015/by Editor

DYLM: Is It Her Turn? Is Hillary Clinton Entitled to Become President?

November 1, 2015/by Editor

Cage Match: Republicans vs. the Hillary SuperPac, AKA the Mainstream (“Drive-by”) Media

October 29, 2015/by Editor

What Rare Celestial Event Might You Spy in the Sky in the Early Morning These Days?

October 27, 2015/by Editor

Update: Now Billionaire Paul Allen’s Telescopes Are Looking for an “Alien Megastructure” Around Star in Our Galaxy

October 20, 2015/by Editor

Scientists Suggest Variability in Light from Star in our Galaxy the Milky Way May Be Due to Gigantic Alien Structure. Wait, What?

October 16, 2015/by Editor

Why Don’t Tanks Have Big Windows So the Driver Can See Better? Now We Know Why!

September 23, 2015/by Editor

Morticia Addams Redux–Who Has Created Her Classic, Creepy Look?

September 21, 2015/by Editor

Do You Like Me (DYLM)? Cake Artist–“Have Your (Art) Cake & Eat It, Too!”

September 21, 2015/by Editor

Levitating Alligators–Oh My!

September 14, 2015/by Editor

Trump Takes Dallas. It’s a Trump-Nado!

September 14, 2015/by Editor

The Miss America 2016 Pageant Is A Class Act–See Why People Are Loving It!

September 13, 2015/by Editor

Crane/Lightning Update–Crane Owned by Bin Laden Family Company–How Crazy Is That?

September 11, 2015/by Editor

Checkmate! This is Donald Trump’s REAL ENDGAME

September 11, 2015/by Editor

Lightning Strike and Crane Collapse Kill Dozens at Grand Mosque in Saudi Arabia. Coincidence on Anniversary of 9/11? . You Make The Call.

September 11, 2015/by Editor

When Trump Attacks! Why Does Donald Trump Keep Up the Personal Attacks? Isn’t He Afraid He Won’t Look Presidential? No, Here’s Why!

September 10, 2015/by Editor

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