Wildlife photographer Richard Bowler cares for three rescued foxes in England. But England’s new Prime Minister David Cameron doesn’t share Bowler’s love for the animals. Cameron has unleashed a storm of controversy by promising to repeal the 2004 Hunting Act which bans blood sports like fox hunting that involve packs of dogs chasing and ripping apart live foxes.

A huge swell of people have joined calls to stop the change in an online petition, including Bowler who has been spreading the word on Twitter via the hashtag #KeepTheBan.

According to the British newspaper The Daily Mirror, “The Hunting Act [which banned hunting] is supported by 80% of the British public and almost 70% of Conservative supporters.” The same polling shows majority support for the ban in rural communities as well.

More information here.

British comedian Ricky Gervais lent his support to the Keep the Ban on Fox Hunting with this comment on Twitter:

If you want to speak out against animal cruelty please sign the Change.org petition here.

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