According to the Daily Mail,  when an couple in China refused to relocate from their apartment building in the city of Wenling, Chinese officials built a highway around the house.

Farmer Luo Baogen and his wife continue to live in the half-demolished building surrounded by roadway. They claim the the compensation offered by the government isn’t enough to allow them to build a new house.

How could this happen? The Daily Mail explains:

In the People’s Republic of China, during most of the Communist era, private ownership of property was abolished, making it easy for residents to be moved on – but now the laws have been tightened up and it is illegal to demolish property by force without an agreement.

Apparently this situation isn’t as unusual as you might think. Relocation holdouts are fairly common in China and they even have a special name: “Nail Householders.” The name refers to a nail stuck into a piece of wood and is hard to remove.

Hopefully Mr. Baogen and his wife won’t get hammered down.

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