Humanity has been looking to the heavens for signs of life, of alien civilizations, for thousands of years.  We yearn to not be alone in the universe.  When we pointed telescopes at Mars, we thought we saw canals and imagined an advanced civilization there.  When we first found rapidly rotating neutron stars called pulsars, we thought their radio signals were signs of alien communications.

Now scientists have found evidence of a possible alien megastructure so massive that it is blocking the light from a star in our galaxy, KIC 8462852, that it could surround.

Scientists have been observing this star with the Kepler Space Telescope, and it is the only star they have found that exhibits this very erratic light output.  While this could be caused by the star being very young or by a huge dust cloud around the star, some believe this could be evidence of an artificial structure built around the star to collect its light and power an advanced alien civilization.  This kind of structure was imagined in the book Ringworld by Larry Niven and later by the physicist, Freeman Dyson, as a “Dyson sphere,” where a huge globe is constructed that surrounds its host star and captures all of its light output.

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