Malaysian photographer Zahir Batin has created an amazing series of photographs called “The Intruder” which depict a fictional Star Wars invasion of the Malaysian countryside. He doesn’t use 3D models or visual effects to get his shots. The spaceships are all toy models. Zahir explains his inspiration and technique on his website:

In 2012 after stumbling upon toys photos taken by Indonesian photographer Yohannes Sanjaya, who photographs Star Wars figures in an urban environment, I decided to also photograph my Star Wars figures, but in village environment. As I was interested with action figure since I was a kid and it’s only now I’m was able to have those. During taken a shot,due to not being able to have adequate lighting equipment. I use natural lighting or ‘outdoor’ and by doing this, a planning should be more careful especially to get natural toned lighting, such as sunset, it’s available only in a limited time.With the help of strings, wires, and twigs, which I uses to fixate the figurines. The pictures are then taken with my DSLR and a number of different lenses, including the “nifty fifty” 50mm f/1.8 and a 100mm f/2.8. During post-processing in Photoshop, I removes the strings, wires and twigs used to set up the figurines, and creates the final images.

More pictures here

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