The cappuccino is a classic espresso drink and has been served by Starbucks since before you were born. Yet reports are coming in from New York, Seattle, San Francisco, and other major cities that the cappuccino is being removed from Starbucks’ menu.

What gives, bro?

According to an article in Business Insider, it turns out that both customers and baristas may have a tough time distinguishing a cappuccino from a latte. Both drinks are made of espresso and foamed milk, although the cappuccino is an espresso topped with a layer of foamy milk, while the latte is usually made with steamed milk and a layer of foam.

So many Starbucks are pulling the cappuccino from the menu to avoid confusion. If you want a frothy milk espresso drink with a little more espresso presence, try the Starbucks Flat White (pictured below).

First World Problems, I know…

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