Dee Williams of Portland, Oregon suffered a heart attack at age 40 and learned that she had serious medical condition called cardiomyopathy. Doctors gave her anywhere from one to three years to live. So Williams re-evaluated her life and decided she wanted to spend her remaining days living more simply.

So she traded her big three-bedroom house in the city for a tiny 84-square-foot cottage parked in a friend’s backyard. And that’s where she’s lived for the past 11 years.

Williams explains that living in a tiny house has removed a lot of the stress which might have been damaging to her health. She’s quoted in a New York Times article as saying:

“In a big house, it’s easier to ignore what’s going on outside. Or you’re constantly trying to compete with nature through your thermostat. I’m more into collaborating with nature now.”

These days Dee Williams is an advocate for simple living and tiny houses. She helps others with advice and inspiration at her website

If you want more information, Dee wrote a bestselling book about her experience called The Big Tiny Get it here.

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