Donald Trump is brilliant.

Or someone who works for him is…

…he is already the master of using Twitter to cast soundbites in support of his policies or to disarm his opponents.

But we have noticed another brilliant strategy of his:


Adjectives or labels he is attaching to the names of his opponents to attack, demean, and belittle them.  It’s so simple and it’s brilliant.

In so many cases, Trump has taken his opponents down by affixing a label to them, a Trump-adjective or “Trump-jective.”

Lyin’ Ted

Boring Jeb

Crooked Hillary

Little Marco

Ouch!  It’s hard to remember the names of these candidates without remembering the Trump-jective label.  Of course that’s by design!


Just today, Trump came up with a new label for Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) after she attacked him after his win in Indiana.

It is no surprise that these labels work very nicely with hashtags and name labels: