Trump is playing chess while other candidates are playing checkers.  He is a political aikido master–who knew?  He could probably beat all the chess grandmasters and Steven Seagal all at once if he wanted to!

The CNN debate for the Republicans is coming up on September 16.

Despite rising in the polls dramatically since the Fox News debate, Carly Fiorina is not in the top 10 for the CNN debate.  This is a shame.

Here is what Donald Trump may be considering next.

1) He will give up his spot in the CNN debate and offer it to Carly Fiorina.  What a gentleman!  And fairness!

2) If he does this, CNN will be in a major bind.  The ratings for the Fox News debate were YUGE!  This is largely because of the draw of Donald Trump.  Trump knows this.  CNN knows this.  CNN will then have no choice but to reconsider its rules for the first (Top 10) debate.  It will have to change them to allow Donald to participate.

3) If CNN does not change the rules, Donald can stand firm and join the second debate.  Amazingly, the ratings for that debate might actually be greater than those for the first debate.  But either way, Donald wins in 3 ways.

a) He looks like a wonderful guy by giving Carly a spot in the top-tier debate.

b) He shows just how powerful he is by pushing CNN around, just the way he did with Fox at the first debate.

c) And he gets great exposure and ratings whether he headlines the first debate or the second debate.

It’s YUGE!

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P.S.  It looks like the Trump-kido has already worked.  Behind the scenes, we bet he let CNN know of his plans and began to apply pressure.  And today they amended their rules, and Carly will now likely be in!  Way to go Trump!

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