One of our most popular articles here at Newsicorn has been:

What is Donald Trump’s Agenda? Here Are Several (Conspiracy) Theories You Must Consider.

This is a follow-up to see if these theories still hold water and explain Trump’s continued popularity, and the rise of the other non-politician candidates like Carly Fiorina and Dr. Ben Carson.

Originally, the theories were basically:

1) Trump’s working with Jeb to clear out the conservatives.

2) Trump’s out to destroy the Republican Party for Hillary.

3) Trump wants to be President.

4) Trump wants free press to ultra-promote the Trump brand.

Since that article and the first Republican debate, Trump’s poll results have only gotten stronger.  Those who originally called him a clown are beginning to eat their words and wonder if he’s for real.  At the same time, non-politicians like Carson and Fiorina are also rising in the polls.

So what’s going on?  Let’s examine the (conspiracy) theories and see if they still make sense.

1) Donald’s working with Jeb.

No, this doesn’t make much sense.  Jeb’s numbers have dropped.  Jeb is being attacked daily by Trump.  Some of Jeb’s donors are wavering or have abandoned him.  If Donald is helping Jeb, he’s not doing a very good job.  And, other conservatives like Carson and Cruz are doing well.

2) Donald’s working with Hillary to destroy the Republican party.

This is still possible, but Hillary is doing a pretty good job of destroying herself at the same time.  Now that we know that her homebrew e-mail server was co-located with Bill’s Clinton Foundation server, the FBI investigation into her e-mails has gotten even more damaging.  Who knows how much worse it will get?  And Hillary keeps making her own mistakes, like denigrating reporters by roping them off.

However, it is still possible there is a variant here, a mix of theory 2 and theory 3.  That is that Trump wants to help Hillary, despite her problems, and the way to do that is to either win the Republican nomination and then drop out, leaving the Republicans in utter disarry, or to run third party and siphon off votes from the Republicans, leaving the Democrats in a stronger position.  The RNC (Republican National Committee) is worried about a third-party run by Trump and is trying to get him to make a loyalty pledge to the party.  However, Trump is nothing if not a shrewd negotiator, and he is unlikely to make this pledge and give up his leverage.  We’ll see.

Theory 3 says that Trump really wants to be President.  He surely is spending a lot of time campaigning, and he’s now released position papers on his Web site.  Why would he be spending time in Iowa and around the country and have his staff/team help him craft position papers if he weren’t serious.  Perhaps he has even surprised himself that he has done so well, and he now is energized to not only win the Republican nomination and be elected President.  It seems Jeb is a paper tiger and not much competition, and “Hillary for Prison 2016” signs are more popular than “Hillary for President 2016” signs.  Things seem to be going Trump’s way, at least right now.

Theory 4 is that Trump is just using the campaign and very cheap and effective advertising.  This could still be his motivation.  Check out the “free press” Trump has been getting.

So here is the net net.  This is where things stand and what it all boils down to.


1) Trump is for real and is the avatar of the “silent majority” that wants to make America great again, and he stands a real chance of winning the nomination and the Presidency,

Or, Trump is an amazingly effective weapon of mass destruction against the Republican Party and will ensure that Hillary or whoever the Democrats nominate will become the next President.  If this is his agenda, he is doing so well that it may already be game over.  Republicans are already talking about bringing back Mitt Romney a third time, but we here at Newsicorn don’t think that the third time would be a charm.

It’s clear that Trump’s in charge for now, and what happens will be affected by what he does and what his true agenda is.  We are all just along for the ride, so grab some popcorn, sit back, buckle up, and enjoy the ride.

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