Everyone is asking:  Does Donald Trump really want to be President?  Or does he have a hidden agenda?  Here are several interesting theories about what he is really up to and what his motivations are.

Theory 1:

Donald is working for Hillary Clinton or the powers behind her.  He has supported Democrats and Republicans in the past.  He knows the Clintons well from New York society.  He has donated to the Clinton foundation. He has been making very strong conservative statements about stopping illegal immigration and beating China in trade.  Some say he is “taking all of the air out of the room” in the Republican primary and grabbing the limelight, leaving no time for the media to talk to the many other candidates.  So perhaps Hillary and her backers have an unholy alliance with Donald to destroy the prospects of all the Republican candidates and make it easy for Hillary to win.

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Theory 2:

Donald may instead have an alliance with Jeb.  If he continues with his loud conservative statements, he may steal the spotlight from the conservatives in the Republican primary, and then he may leave the race later.  That would leave the moderate Jeb in a strong position to win the nomination if the conservatives have been crushed by Donald.

Theory 3:

Donald may be working for Donald.  He’s figured just about every possible way to self-promote.  He realized all the “free press” he could get from a run for the Presidency was the best promotion money could buy (and not much money if the press follows him around the way they have been).  So he doesn’t want to be President.  He just plans to become the best-known, most-loved or most-hated man in the world (all press, bad or good, is good press for him) and then drop out of the race.  At that point he will have even more leverage to do his business deals.

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Theory 4:

Donald really does want to be President, and he thinks he’d be the best one in history.  He thinks highly of himself and has achieved many things.  He dislikes Obama and thinks he’s the worst President ever so why not swoop in and save the country from the dustbin of history?  He can’t really run as a Democrat since Clinton has that sewn up (Sanders anyone?).  He looks at the large, fragmented Republican field and has two thoughts:

1) Who are these guys?  No one has ever heard of them (except Bush, and that name brings some baggage).  But everyone has heard of me–Trump!

2) Everyone hates politicians these days and doesn’t trust them–but a lot of people love me because I tell it like it is.  I can beat these guys with both hands tied behind my back.

No matter what, I think we can agree, Donald is making things interesting.  Which theory do you agree with, or do you have another of your own?

Update:  Check out the results and conclusions from the first Republican debates.  Our article HERE.

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