Anyone and everyone is on Donald Trump’s case today.  He has been ramping up the personal attacks.  Some think it’s getting old.  Some think it’s not presidential.  Some think he’s a total loose cannon and can’t keep his mouth shut.

Has he gone too far?  Is he in trouble?  Is he crazy?

No, he’s like a wily coyote.

Here’s what the Donald is doing.  First, he is bulletproof.  No matter what he says or does, people love him and forgive his foibles and flaws.  If he insults other people, it does not hurt him in the polls.  Second, if you’ve been paying attention, he generally doesn’t hit first.  He’s a gentlemen.  But, if he is attacked, he hits back.  Everytime, against everyone.  People respect him for this.  They figure if he cites a red line as President someday, he’ll enforce it and back up his words.  Third, if he makes what seems like an outlandish first comment or insult, it is usually directed at his biggest competition–Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton.  But he seems to do this sparingly and mostly in a mocking way when Jeb and Hillary have already stepped in it or otherwise performed poorly.  We’re all thinking what he is thinking so it’s fine if he is our mouthpiece.

But, there is another thing Donald is doing.  He is trying to torpedo all of the establishment candidates–by NOT talking about them.  He is not hitting the governors like Walker and Christie much.  That’s because if he does, he actually gets the media to talk about them.  The candidates he is talking about are the outsiders like Carson and Fiorina.  Why?  Well, it’s not really to hurt them–it’s to help them.  If he insults them, they get coverage.  They get sympathy.  The media asks them how they feel about being attacked by Trump.  They get 100 times the media coverage they would if they talked about tax policy or their stance on marriage.  He is helping them, a lot, and he’s doing it on purpose.  He knows they are not a real threat to him–they may be his preferred VP choices.  But, by elevating them by insulting them, he keeps them in the media spotlight, along with Trump himself of course, and he keeps the others he doesn’t talk about out of the spotlight.

So Trump is neither an idiot nor a big meanie–he’s brilliant.  And, if you like Carson or Fiorina or perhaps Cruz, you should be happy for all the attention that Donald is getting them.

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