The world’s first “phodographer” has appeared on the scene.  Equipped with a camera that automatically snaps pictures when the dog is excited (using a special heartrate monitor), this canine camera-hound can now takes pics of the things in the world that get his blood pumping.

The heartrate monitor is worn on a strap around the dog’s neck, and the camera is fixed to the dog’s chest.  They communicate via Bluetooth.  When the dog’s heartrate is elevated by excitement, fear, or exercise, the camera will snap a photo automatically.

The dog in the video using the system is named Grizzler.  Have a look at the world from his perspective, in pictures!

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Grizzler is ready to go shoot some pics.

Close-up of the Heartography system by Nikon.

Some “dog’s-eye view” photos.

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“This is a mess!  As a border collie I need to make sure this gets cleaned up!”

“Phodographer” video here.

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